Dr. Elizabeth Weir (e_weir) wrote in soapgatelantis,
Dr. Elizabeth Weir

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Major Lorne, please accompany Dr. Dumais to an expedition to the landland for nuts for the squirrels.

In light of recent events, Carson, could you check John for STDs after that no good whore Mara sexed him?

John, no buts.  You're getting tested before we have any more sex.

Ronon, we need to talk about your gun trigger happiness.

Teyla, your tuttleroot soup could... use some work.  *tries to discreetly throw it away*

Scientists and military personnel should submit their weekly reports to me by tomorrow evening.  Dr. Heightmeyer, if you could send your latest assessments to me, too, that would be greatly appreciated.

*snuggles Janeway*
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