Dr. Elizabeth Weir (e_weir) wrote in soapgatelantis,
Dr. Elizabeth Weir

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John, what's this I hear about you being General O'Neill's son...?  *is terribly squicked by this, though not really surprised*

I hope everyone enjoyed the brief contact with Earth.  I know I did.

Rodney, remember that you have your next appointment with Heightmeyer tomorrow.

Those who still haven't had their physicals done, please report to Dr. Beckett immediately.

Dr. Zelenka, Major Lorne's team brought back another weird alien object from yet another planet that undoubtedly will cause all sorts of stressing, yet vaguely amusing, problems on base once John or Rodney or someone else touches it.  Could you take a look at it?

And Marta, if you could start cataloguing the items the teams brought back within the last month, that would be wonderful.
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